Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hello again...

I'm not sure what happened, but it's been over a week since I posted... I guess life get's in the way some times.

There's not much new around here. Work was steady, we did some major cleaning and organizing at my FT job, my pt job quiet this week. I do work at my PT job tonight and I'm off tomorrow. I'm cleaning today, and of course walking the dogs. I'm going to enjoy the sunshine tomorrow, and do something fun! What that fun will be I'm not sure, but I'll be doing something.

I'm going to run now, and do some dishes and plan out a few things for the  next week. Enjoy your weekend and stay warm... 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Sept 12/14

Today I made it to my work out,  paid for my glasses ( except for 50.00 which is the 50 dollar Visa card I won)got my hair cut, sent my passport info away ( for everything it came to just under 200.00), got rid of some old work clothes, did laundry,  took the dogs for a lovely walk and bought a few groceries.

I froze some blueberries,  and cleaned the pantry out...  I own 8 boxes of pasta,  7 cans of tomatoes, 11 boxes of soup stock.  lots of beans, and tuna... Plus I have 4 cans of coffee and one of decafe.  Oodles of tea, white sugar, icing sugar and brown sugar. I think I'll challenge myself to spend 75.00 or less on food for the rest of the month.

I even took some time to read a bit and I cooked bacon, eggs and fried potatoes for supper. Now, I'm off to join my mother for a fire in her backyard and fingers crossed we"ll see the Northern Lights tonight! Tomorrow, I'm heading out of town for the night, the dogs are coming with me, and I'll be back on Sunday. I hope you all have a great weekend, and if you have a chance, look up at the skies tonight!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

So far today...

I took my borrowed fog to the groomers, vacuumed the living room and the back entrance, did some dishes, cleaned the car... which took two solid hours, and I didn't touch the outside yet!  I got my passport photos done, the forms filled out and I even got the money order to send along with it! It'll be in the mail tomorrow!

I called to book a Dr. appointment and got in for this afternoon. Which is almost unheard of!( I've had pain in my lower abdomen for over 2 months now, it comes and goes, but it makes me feel nauseous when it rears its head three or 4 times a week). She's going to send me for an ultra sound of the pelvic region  and also refer me to a gastroenterologist to rule out anything with the bowel. I do have IBS, but I've never had this type of pain before.

I stopped by the new second hand book store and walked out with some new to me books.  Jane, if you come to visit next year, I'm bringing you there! I even managed to walk the dogs and they also had  an adventure in the field this morning.

I'm still going away , but I'm leaning towards not going until Saturday morning. There are some things I still want to do around here and if I don't leave until then, it gives me more time to get stuff done!

And yes, there was a small bucket of shot gun shells ( live) that I inherited when I bought the house 10 years ago. They've sat in the basement, and once in  a while I'd think I really should take them to the police station for disposal, and then forget about it... So they sat and sat, until they found a new home, where they'll be used for target practice at the firing range... 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sept 10/14

I'm half done my vacation... wah... But I've got some stuff done around the house and the yard. My fence? well, one of my former students dropped by yesterday, and he helped my prop it up and tied it to a tree. The fence is somewhat straight and will last for the winter... He also fixed my clothesline and took the bucket of bullets that have been in the basement since I bought the house home with him...  I weeded parts of the yard and tossed some stuff.

I ordered new glasses today. The office had buy one get the second half price... After blue cross deduction it'll be 452.50. I have my 50.oo gift Visa from work, so I'm going to use that towards the glasses. I'll pay 402.50 out of pocket for two new pairs of glasses... I'm so excited...

I helped my mother and brother install her over the stove microwave last night... My good deed for the week. I also walked the dogs with my mother this afternoon and even cooked supper for her.

Tonight, I'm going to watch some tv, and do a load of laundry. I still haven't clean the car yet... That's tomorrows task... Along with the pantry clean out...

I've been fortunate with the weather this week, warm days and cool evenings. I'm thankful that I don;t live in Alberta this week.  I've even found some time to kick back and read this week...

Monday, September 8, 2014

So far my vacation has consisted of...

4 walks, one without the dogs, a 4 hour shift at my PT job, where I made an extra 38.00, one movie night with friends. we watched 12 years a slave on net flicks, and what an impressive movie... 

I've chatted with friends, bought a new shower liner and put it up, I've done a bit of house work, but not nearly enough. My plan is to do some yard work tomorrow ( I'm going to be tearing down part of the fence and putting some winter fencing up to keep the dogs out of the neighbours yards, plus the usual walk the dogs and gym, cook a good meal for supper tomorrow night.

 I need to call and make appointment to have the furnace and fireplace cleaned. I'm going to clean my car inside and out... It's a hot mess right now. I'm also going to clean the pantry out... Oy, it's a disaster...  I'm going to plan a clean schedule for the next 6 weeks, so that when Halloween arrives, my house is done inside and out. I'm going out for drink with a friend Thursday night, and  I'm going away for the week-end... The dogs are coming with me, as my dogsitter had to back out.  I'm got plans made for Saturday night while I'm away... Then, it's back home Sunday and back to reality on Monday...

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sept 5th, 2014

Is going to be a hot one... I get to go to work this evening in a place where there is no air conditioning... It broke over two weeks ago and the part is being repaired. It is so lovely to work in a building where there is NO fresh air circulating... I've left work early for the past two weeks when ever I could... Headaches,  dripping in sweat,  yuck... I'm on vacation as of 11:00 tonight... I'm not going to miss work at all next week, as It's still going to be hot!

Life has been good otherwise. I'm off to do some house work and walk the dogs before it gets too hot!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I did something new this week...

I've wanted to try kayaking for a long time, but very few people I know have an extra one to let a beginner try it out. A friend from my PT job just bought two this summer, and she loves it. She was willing to teach me this week.  So on Tuesday morning I headed over to her house, so we could try it out on the river.

The water was choppy, but we ventured out. I did it and it was hard. Coming back against the current meant that if we stopped for a second, we'd be shoved back 10 feet, so there was very little stopping.  Once I got scared, but I thought to myself, "you have to do this, it's a little rough, but you've been through worse, so conquer the fear and do it. I did and continued on. We were blessed to see an eagle soar over head as we started out, and tons of shore birds. It's amazing to see the banks of the river up close, and the flowers and trees that are growing out of the cracks. My friend was very patient with teaching me, and I'm so thankful for that.

I can't wait to do it again next week!

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