Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Taking charge...

This is about facing what's not working and making changes...  I'm pretty stubborn about seeing Dr.'s, I usually put things off until things are really bad... 

Since June, I've had a on/off pain in my lower right abdomen. A knee buckling pain that would radiate to my lower back and down my thigh, stopping at my knee...  I had an ultrasound in November, and I meet with an internist to rule out bowel issues. I happened to see the ultra sound results and I have a cyst on my right ovary...  No, the Dr did not go over the results with me, he was more fascinated with family history that had no bearing on me.. I called the GYN/OB guy who did my surgery last year, and I'm going to see him in Jan so  he can go over the ultra sound with me... 

I spent most of the weekend doing nothing, except laying in bed sleeping and walking the dogs... I even cried Sunday  for about 5 minutes over the pain... Then I got up, had a bath, melted part of my bra, as I tossed it on the floor and it slid under the heater... Go figure ... I'm taking over the counter meds to alleviate  the pain.

I've had issues with my back since 2008, when I tumbles down a set of stairs while working and broke my tail bone...  Since I've been having pain, I've noticed that my back is getting wonky again. I think it's because I'm pulling my body inwards as a reaction to the pain...  So, I decided to make an appointment to see a Chiropractor to see what they  can do..  I'm not waiting around hoping things will get better on their own, I'm taking charge of my health and wellness...

to add to the mix, my heat pump is NOT defrosting again... Another call to the company wo installed it, and me waiting patiently to have someone to show up again to decide what wrong with it this time.... I haven't paid the bill yet, I'm holding off until it's fixed.

Now, I must be off to get ready for work... I'll take some advil and face the day...  Melted bra and all..

I hope everyone is have a good week so far, and is getting ready for some peace and tranquility in the next few weeks.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

a weight is off my mind

We voted yesterday for our new contract.  We found out tonight that it was a resounding yes for the contract. It was decent... The best part is that our wages are going to binding arbitration. Worse case scenario, we get no other increase than the one we're already getting ( cost of living). Best case scenario, we get an increase equal to what our counterparts make... which would be an increase of 7.50 an hour.  I've crunched the number for my coworkers...  and by the times is all said and done, I'll be getting a retro check from anywhere to 1000.00 on up to 18,000 ( that's the best case scenario, and most likely will happen in June). I'm not making any plans for the money until I know for sure what is happening, then I'll sit down with my financial adviser and make some decisions.

I'm so happy that I expressed my concerns to politicians, family and friends. I answered my own fears, made some sound decisions and now I can breath a little easier...  Bring on 2015, I'm ready!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

What's new and a stir?

Let see, it's Dec 7th, I'm dog free at the moment... they had a sleepover at my mom's last night, as I was gone from 1-11:30. They had a good time, and my mom even lets one sleep with her... The cuddly sheepdog... She loves to sleep on feet... I rearranged the livingroom for a tree, and now I'm going to quickly wash the floors and enjoy clean floors for an hour or so.

I'm going to fingers crossed and not be on strike... There's a tentative deal in place, voting on it Wednesday... I got my Christmas wish!

I'm going to finish up my Christmas shopping today, I'm buying some books and stocking stuffers and I'll be finished! I'll have DD's parcel ready to be mailed out Tuesday.

I made it to the gym 3 times last week, and I walked the dogs every day... I'll take them this afternoon when I get back from running errands. I may  buy my tree today.... Haven;t decided yet.

I'm going to be hanging out with some friends tonight. Going to a breast cancer fund raiser... Should be fun.

Nothing too exciting, but in all reality, good news all around!

Friday, November 28, 2014

I'm a slacker lately...

I've been slacking in all areas excpet for dog walking... I haven't cooked a meal in over a week, my house is a disaster, i've been eating sugar like crazy, and I'm cranky...

What to do about it? It's easy, clean my house tomorrow, cook a really good supper, walk away from the sugar at work and get my butt to the gym 4 days next week.

I did make a suggestion at work that if we go on strike, I'd like to work 4 night shifts. Crazy I know, but I'll be in the sunshine every day, and will be on a semi normal schedule! A nocturnal one, but better than the splits...

The crankies will go away soon, I just need to get things sorted and it'll be all good!

These two clowns make my day, every day... See how happy they are?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nov 23/14

This past week has been a mixed bag.. The weather has been all over the place, snow, rain, wind, cold...  I have walked the dogs every day, even if they were short walks.

I paid my bills, went to the gym twice, spent some time cleaning the house, had the furnace cleaned... (that bill will be a good one, as the defrost wasn't working right on the heat pump, go figure...  They fixed a setting and added gas to it...

We took our strike vote,  the result are not in, but I'm going to guess that it's going to be in the 90% range for a strike. The gov't wants to go back to the table, so I'll know more in mid December. I'm ok with what ever happens, as I know I can make it!

My house is slowly coming into order, I've been picking away at it, plus one of DD's bestie's has moved back home and is bored, so she's coming to help. I'll pay her with gas cards...

I've got a good start on my shopping, a few more gifts to buy and I'll be done. I'm holding a book swap soon, invited some friends to come and trade some books... I've serve some drinks, coffee and tea, and some sweets! It should be a good time! We'll be preparing for winter reading!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday, Oh, How I love Sunday!

I love Sunday. It's a day for me to do what I want, mixed in with some housework, shopping with my mother, walking the dogs, and watching some tv later on.

I'm also going to do some cooking after, I'm not sure what yet, but I'm thinking some type of pasta, and maybe I'll bake some cookies. The cookies I'll most likely take to work with me tomorrow night.

I'm going to go to the grocery store today, as I want to buy some coffee and a few other things that are on sale. I'm stocking up my pantry as I'm a tad bit worried about being on strike and if my pantry is well stocked its one less thing to worry about.

I worked last night at my PT job, and it was busy! It was probably one of the busiest days we've ever had. I left work with 218 in my pocket. That is the most I've ever earned in tips in a single shift...   There's going to be a nap in my future this afternoon, as I work up at 7:30 this morning and was home and in bed at 2:00. Not a ton of sleep for this girl! The money is going towards gas, groceries, my car registration and a little for a few xmas gifts.

I'm off now to do some laundry and some vacuuming... Happy Sunday to all!

Friday, November 14, 2014

and the element is fixed!

I spent 30 minutes of my time, 39.50 for a new element and ta da... I have a working oven once again!

It's the small things that make me happy!

PS it's Friday, I'm done working at my FT job until Monday evening, I'm working my Pt gig tomorrow night, and I'll have Sunday all to myself! The dogs are going to my mothers for a few hours tomorrow so I can clean without distraction and enjoy clean floors for an hour or so before they come back... Again, it;s the small things that count!

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