Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 1 of my staycation...

I'm off for 4 days, so I'm calling it a staycation. Today I'm off to the gym, walking the dogs, heading to an appointment, then I'm spending the afternoon or part of it at the beach. I'll come home, cook supper, do a bit of housework and I'm planning on sitting outside stargazing tonight.

Tomorrow's plan is to hit up the farmers market, yard sales, take the dogs on an adventure, some housework, and blueberry picking.

Sunday I'm going to the water with my coffee and the dogs, we'll hang there for an hour or so, then some time spent in the house  cooking and visiting with friends.

Monday  will be spent at the gym, walking the dogs and relaxing at the beach. I may do a few other small things, but I'm still up in the air about them. I'll decide later. Happy long weekend everyone!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Just thought I'd share

It's Sunday morning, the sky is overcast and it's cool outside. I had a pain free night ( Thankful for small blessings), I sat out on the deck with my coffee and read for the past hour.  It was so peaceful, the wind rustling the leaves on the trees, the chickadees singing, the dogs bouncing around, a good book in my lap and coffee in my favorite mug. How lucky can a girl be?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Life is good

After  feeling discombobulated for the past 2 weeks ( not sure why), when I got I from work last night I felt much better. It may have something to do with the pain in my leg that flares up when I'm sleeping, due to an old injury, so I'm taking it a bit easy.

I have a great conversation with two co-workers yesterday that put a few things in perspective ( thank you ladies!)My career choice is not easy one, but I do love what I'm doing right now. Someday's I deal with some pretty heavy stuff, but I'm learning to cope with it ( after 16 years).

I've had a few really good walks with the dogs this week, listening to the birds chirping away,  smelling the trees, watching the water, all things that are good for my soul.

My PT job is good, there's been some drama there, but I stay out of it, and it's was funny that someone pulled a stunt last week and management called their bluff... The drama has been greatly reduced now.

I just got back from walking the dogs... a nice 45 minute jaunt at 07:00 on a Saturday morning. The air was crisp, the breeze cool and the sun is shining. The amount of people that we met this morning was crazy ( tons of yard sales around). Every car or truck gave us a huge smile, as who could not smile when they see these two!

My friend whom I'm dog sitting for sent me 300 yesterday for two months boarding fees! Sweet... Plus she paid me last week for the porcupine incident!

Now, I must be off to move some stuff around in the basement, as I'm going to be storing some items for a friend... Happy Saturday all!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just so you're in the loop...

I go to bed tonight around 9:30ish, my headache is back and I just want to read and go to sleep. The dogs start barking at the front door and I chose to ignore then, figuring there's a dog outside. Then, they go running to the back door and I hear a knock. The dog's are losing their minds... I  slide open the window, as there is a man standing there who I've never seen before. I ask how I can help him? He asks if this is my home and gives me the address, and I say yes, wondering what the hell is he doing here?

 He then asks if I have kids or anyone staying with me that were at a local hangout tonight. No, I tell him, I have no children who live here. He then proceeds to tell me that his daughter's phone was stolen tonight and the GPS on the phone was showing it was here. I very nicely said sorry, there are no kids/teens that live here.  He was agitated but polite. He did say the police were contacted. ( I have no issues with that). I said feel free to come and check the house out, I have nothing to hide. He didn't take me up on the offer. He asked if there were kids that lived close by. Yes, I said my neighbour has kids...

 I opened the door and kept the dogs inside, and chatted with him while waiting for the cops to come. After about 5 minutes I go to go back into the house and the back door is locked... Yes, I locked myself out of the house, but no fear, the key is in its hiding spot ( which the stranger saw, but that will be changing tomorrow...  So, I come back into the house, climb back into bed and I'm reading again, when the dogs start howling again. There is three cops cars at my neighbours house, looking for the phone. No clue if they found it, but it added a little zing to the night!

Now, my dear blogger friends, I'm off to bed and hopefully will get some sleep, as my headache is back again...

So far this week...

Has been interesting to say the least! A few minor disasters... the water main broke in front of the neighbors house, resulting in our houses being under a boil order until two consecutive clear tests come back. I will never take clean water for granted again...

My borrowed dog ate a box of crackers and chewed a plastic cup, barked for 30 minutes non stop  at 3:00 am and decided that my butt made a good pillow, all in the same night...

The humidity level is really high and I have had a head ache for 2 days now... Over the counter  meds keeps it at bay, but it won't break until the humidity goes down.

I'm been working odd hours this week, and it's been wreaking havoc on getting things done...  Starting on Monday I'm doing a 10 day stretch, and then I'm off for 4 days!

Now, that I've written it down, it's not that bad... Minor blips in life... I'm off to do 20 minutes of house work, take the dogs for a 20minute stroll, then I'm getting my hair cut for the first time since April... Then off to work...

Here's to a fantastic week-end!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Back from vacation

I'm back from my vacation in PEI and what a wonderful week we all had. The weather was beautiful, ( we had rain one night and into the next morning, and it made for fun times walking on the beach). I started each morning by walking the dogs on the beach, followed by coffee and breakfast. I'd read or chat the morning away, walk the dogs again, have a nap, help with supper, walk on the beach, read,  watch spectacular sunsets every evening and sit by the fire each night.  I also walked the dogs on the beach before bed each night, with the moon for company. It was so bright that I could see my shadow from the moonlight. I did go and see Anne of Green Gables the Musical, which was great.

I also brought the dogs to visit Jane from Her cottage/house is beautiful... as she is! We had a lovely visit, she was well entertained by the dogs... My big puppy slept on the porch for most of it ( he was very relaxed) and my borrowed dog explored for a large part, then stole a potato leftover from Jane's yummy Potato/Leek soup. She also napped on the porch after she finished exploring.  Crofters Lane  was as peaceful as I imagined, and the house feels good when you  enter the door. Thanks again Jane! Jane is the first blogger I've met in person... I have a list of who I'd like to meet!

I'm back to reality now, laundry, some housework and yard work, then back to work tomorrow...

My vacation was exactly what I needed, time to sit and think, rest and relax, spend time outdoors and by the water... It wasn't a crazy expensive week, I'm guessing in total for the cottage rentals, gas, food and drinks,  and one outing per person, we spent less than 3000. That's  for 5 adults, one teenager and two kids.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Dear Aurthur, I'm glad to see you're gone, but will never be forgotten. I'm off to say good bye to the cherry tree in my mothers backyard...  with a saw in hand to chop down some limbs. I'm saying good bye to my snowball tree, you've lifted him up out of the ground. Now, I'm praying that the power gets restored in other places, so my family and I can go on vacation. It was a wild, windy day, with roads washed out, tree blown over and lots of flooding... Everyone I know is safe and sound, some minor property damage with trees being blown over, and that's whats most important.  I'll be back next Sunday with a vacation recap, as I'm off to do some chores, then I'll be loading up the car and heading to PEI...

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