Thursday, March 26, 2015

Here's what I've noticed since tracking my spending so far...

I spent a lot more money on junk food than I thought... I spent 17.94 at wal-mart the other day on junk... Yep, 17.94. 6.89 of that was for gummy bears that I eat after I work out ( it does about 6-7 weeks @ 15 gummy bears X 5 days a week, and yes I do count them out and bag them). I bought ice cream this week... A very rare treat. I bought it on impulse, as earlier I dorve by my favorite ice cream place, which is buried in snow, and thought, I can't wait until they open and I can get a cone of Margarita ice cream ( lime flavored). They had said ice cream on sale for 3.28... I bought a container... I also bought kettle chips and 3 packs of mini chocolate bars to keep in the freezer...

I'm going to keep tracking my spending for a few months, as I feel like I digging my head out of the sand and realizing what and where I'm spending my money... I've always had a vague idea of what and where I was spending,  but now I'm getting a clearer picture.

I also received my retro pay... I lost the equivalent of an entire gross pay to taxes, pension, etc... Yep, an entire pay... I've paid off a small bill, and the rest of the money is going to pay for my cottage rental this summer (500.00). That's one thing crossed off the saving list. I now want to have my gas money tucked away, by purchasing 3 50.00 gas cards...  then it'll just be bridge toll, and food/drinks.

Now it's time to shower and get ready for the day. Only 8 more days to work, until I'm off for 8 days... I'm just a bit excited!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spending from March 15- 22/15

I ended up grocery shopping on the 15th and getting some other things that day...

I spent
 44.17 at Shoppers- toilet paper, moisturizer x 2, butter, eggs, hash browns..
 45.32  Walmart groceries ( that includes 2 bags of starbuck coffee that I scored for 6.00/bag).
33.00 for tobacco
30.00 gas
15.50 for cofee, a bagel, chips and the vedning machine at work.. ( this is a definate downfall area)
13.50 on food from my pt job.

total 181.49

I hit my goal from my pt job 203.00 ( and I still have 160 in my wallet, plus whatever's in the car)...

It's another snow storm here, so I won't be spending any money today. I was smart this morning and walked the dogs early, so now I can clean the house, and spend the afternoon cooking... and shoveling spring snow ( wet= heavy)...

Sunday, March 15, 2015

spending March 9-15

Snow plow ( for Feb 160.00)
Tobacco 33.00
drugstore 20.85 ( epsom salts, neti pot stuff and cold meds)
junk food 5.20 ( chips and chocolate)
coffee 4.55 ( I may buy another today and maybe one for my mom 4.50)
house 9.03 laundry soap and tin foil
clothes 33.83 2 pairs of leggings and a shirt
play tickets 40.00 ( I'm taking my mom out for her birthday, I'd rather buy an expereince than have stuff cluttering her house)
eating out 10.35 eating at my pt job
groceries 27.74

total spent 145.45 plus 160 for the snow removal... 

I hit my target for my pt job 254.00...

I was sick all week... and cranky... I booked a week off right after easter... My goal for that week is to spring clean the house... I'll come up with a plan of action this week for my time off.  I figure I can tackle one room a day/ smaller spaces I can get two done in a day. If the snow is gone off my deck by them, I'll put the chairs out, but keep the cushions in the basement... It'll help lessen the clutter in the basement.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Money spent from March 1-7/15

Spending March 1-7
tobacco- 34.00
eating out 44.00 ( lunch out with mom on the 1st -25.00  pizza on the 7th 19.00
gas 26.08
dogs 90.55 ( a pack of bones and two bags of dog food, I'm set for the month)
junk food 8.66
groceries 24.21
house - 9.00
clothes 10.24

total spent 246.94

I must say that the pizza i bought and garlic fingers lasted 4 meals... Yep, I ate pizza 4 times in 24 hours and it was so good... It was a 12 inch pizza, 9 inch garlic fingers and a can of pepsi for 18.00, I left a loonie tip).

I still have tons of food to eat up... fish, chicken all in the freezer, plus some other stuff.  I'm hoping to spend very little again this week on groceries... ( maybe 30.00 in total)...

I'm working 4 shifts at my pt job this week... I'd like to bring home between 250 -300...

I do need to pick up a few things like toilet paper, vicks, and stuff for my neti pot... That'll be about 35 or so...

Saturday, March 7, 2015

I'll be doing something I've dreamed of for a long time...

This is a very simple dream... I've been seeking a local CSA for a few years... To no avail... Last year, I heard of one from a friend from high school, but the farm only accepted a few applications, in order to get going.  This year, we got in! My mom and I are going to split a large box every week. (We both love veggies). It'll cost us 480/2 for 16 weeks... So for $15.00 a week, I'll have my veggies and fruit mostly covered... Yippee...  I wonder if I'll be able to pull off some really low number for those months... Eek...something else to cross off my bucket list... My first CSA box... All I know is that I'm excited and in about 16 weeks or so I'll be getting my first box.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday, March 6/15

So, last night at work, I had a slight fever, tickley throat and I could feel the fluid running in my ear...  This morning, I knew, I picked up a bug somewhere...  I used olive oil and tea tree oil to help my ear. It worked...  I know now That explains the funk...  I was getting sick! I took another sick day, and slept for 4 hours this afternoon... 4 hours... I felt somewhat better and went to my mothers for a bonfire, which was very cool, as it's been a long time since I sat around a fire in the winter... I watched a movie and now I'm home for the night.   I'm going to soak in the tub and bundle up in my jammies, and cuddle with my dogs...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Out of sorts...

That's how I'm feeling right now... I'm not feeling 100%, bone tired, little appetite and alternating between freezing and boiling... I'm short tempered and people are irritating me to no end.... Never good signs.... Thanks for letting me rant. Here's to better days!

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