Sunday, August 17, 2014

Two posts in one day? It just gets better!

My borrowed dog decided to eat my dog's pain medication this afternoon. Yes, she OD'ed on pain meds... After a goggle search on the medication, a call to the emergency vet who's 1.5 hrs away, we made a road trip this afternoon. The vet gave her the charcoal treatment to induce vomiting where the evidence was found, IV fluids, and three prescriptions later, we are home. I need to watch her kidney function and for ulcers.  She was a good girl, and I'm hoping this cured her stealing of items off the kitchen counter... Yes, the meds were towards the back of the cupboard, but she's a master sneak... Just ask Jane...

Now, I'm off to enjoy what's left of the day!

You have to love the small things!

I've noticed this past week, a ton of bloggers talked about the small things that mean the most to them.

Here's a few small things that I'm thrilled over this week:

Monday at my FT job, working with an amazing crew for the day. Makes my job so much easier when people help! 

Having a chance on Tuesday evening to walk the dogs by the river, and watch the sun set.

Chatting to some seniors on Wednesday who came in for lunch. They were so sweet!

Thursday, passing on some good news to someone. They were very thankful.

Friday evening, I found out I won a 50.00 gift Visa from my PT job.

Saturday night at my PT job, I found a bottle of wine in the office with my name on it. We had won a contest and were given bottles of wine ( everyone that was over 19 that is). Mine is going to be made into Sangria this weekend.

Today, I'm grateful that no one, including myself have made any demands of my time. I'm choosing to clean the house,  do some laundry and I'm going to have some company stop by later... I'll walk the dogs later on this morning.

I'm off to enjoy the small things ( clean laundry, shining toilet, and  a chat with my bestie on the phone).

What small things are you thankful for/ going to do today?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Some day's it's the little things that make the biggest difference!

This week has been a flatl ine kind of week. I ended up working different hours at my FT job to cover those out on sick or vacation leave.  I got home from work a little while ago and just found out that I won a 50.00 Visa card from my PT work! Yes! I'm going to use that card to go towards some new sneakers! I also found out that DD's uncle  (her dad's brother)is here for a visit, so we're going to play catch up on Sunday.  I'm going to do some cleaning here tonight and get a good nights sleep!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's Tuesday, and I'm posting!

The past few days have been busy with work ( a total of 27 hrs since Sunday), walking dogs and going to the gym... But they've been good hours. Lots of laughs, beautiful sights and some good conversations. I was fortunate today to work from 11-7, so I had a chance to mow 3/4 of the lawn, and take the dogs for a walk by the water and watch the sun set.  Tomorrow I'm going to the gym. taking the dogs for a quick walk, working both jobs and I'll be home tomorrow night by 11:00, in time to see a few meteors flying by, I hope! Now, I'm off to soak in the tub, and get ready for bed. I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Night chit chat... Aug 10/14

  • Making:  Nothing, but I'm going to sort my old t-shirts this week to begin my rag rug!
  • Cooking: Nothing, I just got finished a 9.5 shift at my PT job and I'm too tired to cook. I'll cut some watermelon later and eat it with some lemon greek yogurt
  • Drinking:  decafe coffee
  • Reading:The rest of her life by Laura Moriarty
  • Wanting: a clean house
  • Looking: at a mess on my computer desk
  • Playing:  nothing, but I can hear the clock ticking
  • Wishing: For a cleaning fairy to stop by
  • Enjoying:  Listening to the dog squeek his ball...
  • Waiting:  For the sun to set to enjoy the super moon
  • Wondering:  how the dog will make out. His osteoarthritis has flared up really bad ( inflamed and swollen joint) to the point where he's on pain meds. He's booked for xrays in two weeks to see how much it's advanced in two years. He still runs with his ball and gets my sneakers to go for a walk, but he can't go for as long...
  • Needing: a new roof... and new sneakers... and glasses
  • Thinking:  Bed will be so nice in a few hours
  • Bookmarking: nothing
  • Feeling: a good tired

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

In six years...

You have stayed with me, reading my rambles. You have coached me on money, laughed with me over the dogs antics, viewed photos of my home renos, celebrated new jobs and DD's graduation among other things. You've sent hugs and kind prayers when my father got sick and when he passed away. You've encouraged me to become a better person. You've been my cheerleaders this year when I started the gym and have been sticking to it! You've watched me tracked the amount of days I've walked the dog, and some of you have joined in. I've been both the gifted and the gift giver in giveaways, which bring a smile to my face. You tell the truth, but are non-judgmental.  You are my friends who encourage and support when life happens. Here's to another six year!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Today, life led me in a different direction...

This morning I attended a funeral of one the father's from the street I grew up on.  There were lots of the "kids" from the street at the funeral with their parents. We talked about how lucky we were growing up on "our" street, and the fun times we had. Hide N go seek, tree forts, digging for bones, jumping off building, bikes races,  walking to school, bread bags in our winter boots when they got wet so we continue playing, stealing veggies from the gardens were among some of the things we did and talked about.

It was a sad time, but one filled with good memories and a time to reconnect.

There was no blueberry picking yesterday, but my mother, brother and I took the dogs for a hike, then we all went and had huge naps, followed by a late supper. I can back home and watched 3 episodes of Orange is the new black and went to bed.  Day 2 was not what I had originally planned but it was perfect in my books.

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