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March 16/18

Hello all,

There's not a lot happening here these days, we've had three major snow storms in 6 days, giving us close to 100 cms of snow in total. Yep, that's making for some tricky driving and super high snow banks. I'm thankful that it'll be gone in another month or so, I'd be crying if this was January!

March happens to be a busy birthday month in the families... Both of the momma's plus my youngest sister and tons of friends. I've baked a cake for LG's momma today. I hope she likes it!

Money is still sliding in and out of the accounts. I'm working on getting my summer trips paid for. Come summer, I wont be working at my PT job as much, so I'll work when I can right now.

My little car got the new transmission installed this week. If I had to pay out of pocket for it, it would have been close to 9,000 including labour. That's a major expense I'm grateful to have covered under warranty!

The dogs are good, stir crazy because of all th…

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